aAre doctors at this clinic accepting new patients?


We are currently not accepting any new patients from the community.  We will continue to see MacEwan student and staff.


How do I find a family physician?


Please see the following PCN website for finding a family physician accepting new patients.



I am a student at MacEwan University.  What happens after I graduate?


Our clinic is proud to serve the student population, but we have a finite amount of capacity to see patients.  Therefore, we will gladly continue to handle your medical needs up to 3 months after graduation at which point you will be ineligible for ongoing care.  We are happy to transfer medical records to a physician who will be taking over your care. It is the patient’s responsibility to find an accepting family physician.


What does being a teaching clinic mean to me as a patient?


This clinic is proud to support teaching of medical students and medical residents. Medical residents are doctors who have finished medical school and obtained their medical degree, and are receiving further training to become independent physicians.


Do I have to see a learner / Resident?


By accessing services through our clinic, it is the expectation that you will first be assessed by a medical student or resident before seeing the attending physician. This learner may be of any gender. If this is something you are uncomfortable with, it is likely that our clinic model is not a good fit to meet your needs.


Do you accept walk-in appointments?


No. We are an appointment-only clinic which promises to have the best possible access.  We will have extended hours available for patients needing to be seen more urgently but prefer to appoint those slots so as to not keep patients waiting needlessly in the waiting room.


Are all of the patients from Royal Alexandra Family Medicine Centre allowed to move to the new clinic?


Yes, as long as you are a current patient of the Royal Alexandra Family Medicine Centre, you are automatically accepted at the new clinic.



I was a  Royal Alexandra Family Medicine Centre  patient, but don't want to move to the new clinic.


You are under no obligation to follow your physician to the new clinic, however the Royal Alex Family Clinic closed on  June 29, 2018 and we have no knowledge of continuation of family medicine services at that site.  If you are considering not going to the new clinic, you will need to find another physician.  Please call the clinic once you have done so to arrange to have your records sent to your provider of choice.


How do I get my chart transferred to my new doctor?


You will need to come in to the clinic, sign a consent to have your records sent to your new provider. Once a consent is signed we will send your records to your new provider. Please check with your new doctor to see if transfer of records is necessary as the majority of information is available across the province of Alberta.



My doctor gave me a requisition for an x-ray, ultrasound, or other medical imaging.  What do I do now?


Your doctor likely gave you a requisition from a specific medical imaging company, however all medical imaging clinics accept each other’s requisitions.  Therefore, you can have this done at whichever location is closest to you.  A Google Maps search is one way to find your most convenient location. X-rays do not require an appointment, however all other types of imaging require you to call ahead to book an appointment.


My doctor gave me a requisition for blood work or other laboratory testing.  What do I do now?


Please see the Dynalife website (https://dynalifedx.com/locations) to find your most convenient location.  You may walk in to get these investigations done, or you can call ahead to book an appointment.


My doctor gave me a Prescription.  What do I do now?


Please bring your prescription, along with identification, to your local pharmacy.


I will be driving to the clinic.  What do I need to know about parking?


There is pay parking in effect.  The parking lot is located at the back (Northeast side) of the building.  The parking machines accept credit card only and is run by a third party not associated with our clinic.  There is also a nearby parking lot with an attendant that accepts cash. There are handicap parking stalls located at the rear of the building.  Please note that wheelchair access is only available at the rear of our clinic (Northeast side)