Are all of the patients from Royal Alexandra Family Medicine Centre allowed to move to the new clinic.

Yes, as long as you are a current patient of the Royal Alexandra Family Medicine Centre, you are automatically accepted at the new clinic.

I am a Royal Alex patient currently, but don't want to move to the new clinic?

You are under no obligation to follow your physician to the new clinic, however be aware that as of June 29, 2018 the Royal Alex Family Medicine Clinic will close and we have no knowledge at this time of continuation of family medicine services at that site.  If you are not going to the new clinic, you will need to find another physician.  Please call the clinic once you have done so to arrange to have your records sent to your provider of choice.

How do I get my chart transferred to my new doctor?

You will need to come in to the clinic, sign a consent to have your records sent to your new provider. Once a consent is signed we will send your records to your new provider.

I am a MacEwan Student and notice this is now a teaching clinic.  Do I have to see a Family Medicine Resident?

This is a teaching clinic and as such you may see a FM resident.  You will still be attached to a family physician who will see you, supervise the resident and be responsible for your care.  Our family medicine residents have finished medical school and are specializing in the discipline of Family Medicine. 

Is this a walk-in-clinic?

No.  We are an appointment clinic which promises to have the best possible access.  We will have extended hours available for patients needing to be seen more urgently but prefer to appoint those slots so as to not keep patients waiting needlessly in the waiting room.

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